A team of entrepreneurs, designers, suppliers and more, realized that the world needed a solution for the travel, hospitality, and general consumer product goods (CPG) industry. With more than 25 years of business experience, our team wanted to fit as much protection as possible in the smallest most convenient, resealable pouch. My Protect Kit is a market disruptor because a consumer can now purchase one kit with many protective items in it at a very affordable price while he/she is on the go. Nothing like My Protect Kit currently exists on the market today. It solves the problem of a consumer having to purchase each individual item – usually more costly, larger, bulky, and not easy to pack. The consumer can now purchase My Protect Kit – an easy all-in-one on-the-go solution. 




Darin Milman, Co - Founder and CEO of My Protect Kit, LLC, has worked with countless startup companies and helped facilitate their unprecedented growth.  Mr. Milman is passionate about the entrepreneurial spirit and the innovations it brings.  His passion is to build brands and find solutions to problems.  My Protect Kit began during the beginning of the pandemic.  Mr. Milman and his partner Doron teamed up together to create a product that is small enough to fit in your hand, pocket, purse, backpack, glove compartment, etc. and still be able to hold as many protective items in it as possible.  The idea was to create the most conveniently packaged personal care kit while you’re on the go.  The company began producing the smallest, and most convenient PPE kits, and it has now created a kit for every situation.  

Doron Katz, Co-Founder, and COO of My Protect Kit, LLC, served in the Navy, and then traveled extensively throughout the world. He learned about the many different types of people and cultures. He came to America to finish his business degree and shortly thereafter, started an import chocolate company from France. Years later he made the first successful private-labeled chocolate product for our friends at Costco. In addition, he introduced them to the very popular Sabra Hummus. Doron is happily married and has 4 children with 2 dogs. He partnered with his friend Darin of 15 years, to create the leading brand for personal care products on the go. The next phase was to put a talented team together.


Jonathan David, Partner and head of the My Protect Kit, LLC design Team, owns a company specializing in graphic, product and environmental design. With 20 years of experience in the field, he has partnered with a large variety of product design, brand development and commercial space design companies. Mr. David has a tremendous amount of experience in helping brands grow to new heights. For instance, he was previously a partner in a successful large coffee shop chain. Currently, he devotes most of his time to graphic design and product development. Not only is he passionate about graphic design and being able to use his incredible creative abilities, he is passionate about his family. Mr. David is happily married and the father of three children. In his spare time, he plays tennis and creates art.
Sangjoon Jin, Partner and Head of Procurement and Supply Chain Ops at My Protect Kit, LLC, is a Cosmetic Industry Executive, currently living and working in the Greater NYC area. He is the Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Precious Cosmetics, a contract manufacturer specializing in skin-care, color cosmetics, and personal products.  He is relationship and network-focused, results-driven, and specializes in systems and process improvements. An expert in every aspect of the industry, from production to operation and sales, he has extensive experience in global sourcing, development, quality control, packaging, product commercialization, and OTC in both skin care and color products. Sangjoon is a transformational leader with an ability to work independently, lead cross functional teams, and develop opportunities that further establish organizational goals. Sangjoon is trilingual (English, Korean, and Chinese-Mandarin); he holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Science from the US Naval Academy and is currently in the Executive MBA program at NYU Stern School of Business. He also serves as a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy Reserves and volunteers his time as a Blue and Gold Officer (field admissions) for his alma mater.  He is happily married and has 2 children.