‘My Protect Kit’ Is The Essential Package To Have During Covid-19

What a great idea! We wish we would have thought of this. My Protect Kit is the perfect product for the perfect time and has literally billions of potential customers. The world is in the middle of a pandemic and why no one came up with this great concept earlier is beyond our imagination. The brilliant team of entrepreneurs, designers, suppliers and others at My Protect Kit realized the world needed a quick and convenient solution to the PPE crisis. That is, the shortage or just difficult to access Personal Protective Equipment for use by individuals.


They understood the necessity of having at one’s fingertips highly functional and disposable PPE gear such as sanitizing gel to keep your hands germ free; nitrile gloves that allow you to maintain clean and Covid-19-free hands; a sturdy 3 ply mask that keeps airborne germs from entering your respiratory system, and a sanitizing wipe that allows you to quickly clean and sanitize surfaces that you are about to touch. These are the basics as far as individual PPE is concerned and these have all been separately packed and then inserted into a sealed paper packet that is almost as thin as a postal envelope for easy carrying in your purse or pocket.

My Protect Kit products will now be made in the US. Photo credit: My Protect Kit on IG

Apparently, the My Protect Kit people have thought of everything. My Protect Kit comes with the four PPE products listed above or you can get the most popular packet which comes without the gloves but you get one mask, one sanitizing wipe and one sanitizing gel. These simple products that come in the most convenient and accessible way, can help draw the pandemic to a close. Yes, we are all waiting for the vaccine, but even when that becomes available the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) have strongly recommended that we all continue to practice social distancing along with washing our hands, wearing masks and cleaning surfaces where germs can thrive. That means that having My Protect Kit handy at all times is imperative for your health and for the health and well being of your loved ones, neighbors and people you come in contact with every day.


My Protect Kit is the most perfectly timed product that we have ever seen. It is also a life-saver, in the literal sense and figurative sense also. Having these packets where and when you need them can help you live a more active life. They can also relieve the stress of anxiously wondering where your separate mask, sanitizer and wipes are because they are all together in one packet in your purse or your pocket!


To find out more, go to: www.MyProtectKit.com

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